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Major Achievement

Major Achievement

PASCO Group has performed the aerial photography, LiDAR survey, consultation services, GIS based system development, etc. across the world. It was not only supporting the project in the developing country as official development assistance from the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, Japan International Cooperation Agency etc. but also providing the geospatial information to each government and IT company’s platform business.


In Japan, the maps have been generated and utilized for the purpose of national land planning, management and conservation from more than 60 years ago. Regarding the maps nowadays, satellites and special surveying vehicles have been utilized besides airplanes with diversification and upgrading from two dimension to three dimension, and the usages have been expanded to operation and maintenance, disaster countermeasures and resident services in addition to the conventional purpose in administrative field, and applied for car navigation and smart phone etc., apart from the utilization for the intra-company. Additionally, the development of road based information is also progressing for the realization of automatic traveling.

Regarding the environment surrounding Japanese market, movement for solving problems, such as fiscal consolidation, regional revitalization and disaster countermeasures at national and local government has been activated under the influence of decreasing birthrate and aging population, decline in the working population, deterioration of public facilities, climate change, etc.

PASCO offers services, such as for the facility management as spatial information services, which contributes to fiscal consolidation of local government, besides normal survey work by aerial photography airborne LiDAR surveying and Mobile Mapping System (MMS). In addition, PASCO provides services, such as disaster and environment monitoring utilizing the acquired data of satellites and airplanes.

For the private sector, PASCO offers services for area marketing field, for example trading area analysis to support business management, and for logistics field, such as delivery schedule and mobile management and also offers disaster risk information service and Business Continuity Plan (BCP) formulation support service.


For Asian region except Japan, there are many emerging countries and investment has been gathered from all over the world expecting unification of ASEAN, which promotes development, but there are problems, such as undeveloped infrastructure, environmental problems, disaster, poverty and disparity. Therefore, PASCO Group contributes to solving problems of the relevant areas through Official Development Assistance (ODA) projects by organizations rooted in the ideas, such as regional development and rehabilitation (Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), WB, ADB, etc.). For instance, PASCO Group has implemented acquisition of topographic data for flood disaster prevention in Thailand, capacity development of National Geographic Department (NGD) in Lao PDR and development of cadastre in Cambodia. Additionally, each hub (Indonesia, Thailand, China and Philippines) implements mapping, sale of GIS software and GIS service due to the expansion of spatial information market in each country.

North America

In the USA, private companies drive spatial information market, therefore digital aerial photograph service is expanding to various fields and platform business is developing by the IT companies. Due to this situation, aerial photogrammetry and LiDAR surveying of PASCO Group has been expanded. Especially for the projects of aerial photography, airplanes owned by Keystone, based in North America, exert their influence. In addition, PASCO Group has obtained projects from governmental authorities, such as the Department of Agriculture, besides private companies.

Latin America

In Latin America, deforestation of the Amazon, etc. by rampant development has become a major issue, which is closely related to the global warming problem. In addition, there are more problems, such as decreasing of biodiversity due to the expansion of agricultural areas, poverty and natural disaster caused by volcanic eruption, etc. Therefore, PASCO Group contributes to solving problems of the relevant areas through Official Development Assistance (ODA) projects by organizations rooted in the ideas, such as regional development and rehabilitation (Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), WB, IDB, etc.). For instance, the companies of the PASCO Group have recently implemented aerial photogrammetry for agricultural register in Guatemala, aerial photogrammetry and mapping for land management in Belize and creation of topographic map and volcano hazard map for disaster reduction in Nicaragua. Additionally, BASE is performing aerial photogrammetry, airborne LiDAR surveying and consulting services in Brazil.


Regarding Europe region, each hub (Aerodata and Finnmap) offers public aerial photogrammetry, airborne LiDAR surveying and aerial photography for platform business of IT companies in the developed countries. In addition, PASCO Group has implemented aerial photogrammetry and consulting service related to ODA projects by Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), European Bank for Reconstruction and Development or country’s budget in the developing and emerging countries in Europe. For instance, PASCO Group have implemented consulting work for national land administrative management in Albania, national mapping and technical support for Department of Survey for economic rehabilitation in Azerbaijan and national topographic mapping for post-war reconstruction in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


PASCO Group has implemented projects, such as airborne LiDAR surveying along with the resource development boom in Australia.

Middle East

In the Middle East, geographical information database is being developed in each country and there are great needs for aerial photogrammetry and mapping. Recently, especially 3D city mapping is popular. PASCO Group has a long experience in Middle East implementing aerial photogrammetry and mapping in Saudi Arabia and also aerial photography in other countries in the Middle East.


Many African countries are exhausted by issues, such as recurrent coup, long-standing civil war and climate, therefore, food shortage, refugees, poverty, etc. are existing problems. In addition, deforestation and decline in biodiversity by rampant development is also viewed as a common problem. PASCO Group contributes to solving problems of the relevant areas through Official Development Assistance (ODA) projects by organizations rooted in the ideas, for instance regional development and rehabilitation (WB, AfDB, Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), support from each country, etc.). For instance, PASCO Group has implemented development of city geographical information database for the rehabilitation of the capital city after the civil war in Burundi, topographic mapping for the city rehabilitation plan in Democratic Republic of the Congo and REDD+ projects in Kenya, Ghana and Cameroon.